Bluebell Engagement Shoot at Kingston Lacey.

21st May 2019

So a few weeks back I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Charlotte and Ash for their engagement shoot at Kingston Lacey in Wimborne. When I say it was an absolute pleasure I really do mean it! Charlotte and Ash were great fun and I enjoyed taking their photo so much! As a Photographer it’s usually down to me to put people at ease, make them smile and create a wonderfully relaxed experience for all involved, this just wasn’t necessary with these two, from the get go I knew we were going to have a fabulous shoot and I could tell just how in love these two were, honestly I’m still swooning.

I can’t actually remember what caused this burst of laughter from Charlotte, at the time I was hidden behind a tree somewhere with my 70-200mm lens when this occurred, as I say I’m not sure why but I’m glad it did, this is what it’s about! Sure there was once a structured pose there, but who needs that when you can have this? Pure joy (and perhaps a little fear on Ash’s side but mainly joy)!

There really wasn’t a lot of directing going on with this shoot, in fact now I’ve used that word I’ve realised how much I don’t like it. We really did just go with the flow and Charlotte and Ash had their own ideas that we rolled with, the above photo captured what was absolutely the most sensible way to avoid standing on anything ouchie, who needs shoes when you’ve got a fiancé like Ash?

The hours flew by before we concluded it was indeed time for coffee (bar Charlotte who doesn’t drink hot drinks?!) and cake, with a camera full of happy memories we scuttled off to the Tea Rooms and chatted away about pretty much anything and everything, it felt like I was out with two dear friends and whilst I’m sure they’ll look back on their photos for years to come with fond memories you can bet I will too!



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