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Photography by Beth Wilson is a Dorset based wedding photographer covering the UK. Beth specialises is Documentary style wedding photography, focusing on the main moments of your wedding day and all the little moments in between.

My Approach as a Wedding Photographer.

I am a documentary style wedding photographer. It is a fantastic way to really capture the essence of your day, however sometimes I find it beneficial to both me and my clients to give a little guidance. The main moments of the day that you’ll notice me is during group shots, couples portraits and the dance floor (because by then your guests don’t care about my presence and are often jumping in front of my camera). As a wedding photographer my aim is to be as organised as possible with group shots so you can get back to enjoying your drinks reception, this obviously isn’t something I can do discretely. Give me a list and your loudest friend and we’ll round everyone up for those all important group shots.

You’ve spent a lot of time planning your wedding and it comes around fast, make sure you take time to choose your wedding photographer! The day itself goes quickly and it’s important to make sure you enjoy it. This may sound ridiculously obvious but as someone who attends weddings prolifically (Albeit as a wedding photographer) I can confirm that wedding days can be stressful for the people tying the knot.
Careful planning is important but hiring professionals you trust is an absolute must. With four years wedding photographer experience I consider myself pretty well versed on wedding day logistics and huge part of my process is observation. I’m always anticipating what’s about to happen, with my trusty Canons by my side (quite literally) I capture your day unfold naturally, carefully documenting the obviously significant elements of your day and those fleeting moments in-between.

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