My style and approach to wedding photography

Documentary wedding photography

I’m a documentary-style wedding photographer who’s all about capturing the awesomeness of your big day. I love taking candid shots that truly reflect the fun and excitement of the day.

Choosing a wedding photographer is a major decision in your wedding planning process. Your wedding day will be a whirlwind of excitement, and it’s crucial to soak it all in and have a blast!

It might sound obvious, but as someone who attends weddings regularly, I know it’s essential to hire professionals you trust to get on with it so you can enjoy yourselves. With four years of experience as a wedding photographer, I’ve got a good handle on the logistics of the day. One of the keys to my process is anticipation.

With my trusty Canons by my side (literally), I capture your day as it naturally unfolds, documenting both the significant moments and those fleeting, in-between gems.

Group photos

Documentary-style wedding photography is a fantastic way to really capture the essence of your day, however sometimes I find it beneficial to both me and my clients to give a little guidance, and the group shots session is one of those moments.

As a wedding photographer, my goal is to keep things organised during group shots so you can quickly get back to enjoying your drinks reception. Just give me a list and nominate your loudest friend, and we’ll gather everyone for those must-have group shots.


For me, it’s all about making staged moments look natural and, most importantly, having a blast. After the group photos, we’ll spend around 20 minutes capturing more traditional wedding photos. There’s a method to this madness. At this point, you probably won’t feel like running through fields or doing anything that might mess up your makeup. Don’t worry, I save those moments for later so you can fully enjoy your canapés!

As the golden hour approaches, it’s the perfect time to escape and have even more fun after a busy day of mingling. This is when we can get a bit more adventurous with your couples’ photos. I love getting creative with my clients and encouraging them to take a breather for some fun photos.

The lighting later in the day is usually absolutely stunning, and by then, you’re usually more relaxed about your makeup and attire, ready to let loose.

I look at your connection as a couple to create an awesome experience for you. That’s why getting to know you before your wedding is super important to me. I want to make your photos not just beautiful, but also a whole lot of fun.